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Article: The future of lemon myrtle in USA looks bright!

The future of lemon myrtle in USA looks bright!

The future of lemon myrtle in USA looks bright!

With the world steadily opening up the trade show calendar once again became a feature for ANP. The choice was simple of course - USA!

Being the second largest herbal tea market in the world the US market has always been a target for us and we were proud to attend the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas to show off our farms and products.

As with most developed markets, consumers and businesses are always looking for something genuinely innovative, and the high citral content of lemon myrtle ensures that it delivers a citrus profile to tea blends like nothing else. Also being caffeine free and having the highest antioxidant content of any herbal tea ingredient, means that we are able to deliver a double health benefit with an amazing taste and aroma - not many ingredients can do that!

World Tea Expo

We're pleased to say the Australian Native Products booth generated a lot of interest and many new connections were made. We were fortunate to also meet with some of the USA's major tea brands, and as a result know that the future is bright for lemon myrtle in the USA. This market will be led by Sara Siano who shares our passion for all things lemon myrtle. If you want to try this native Australian plant for yourself, reach out to us – we would be happy to share some with you!