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Article: Roasted Citrus, Ginger and Lemon Myrtle Tea

Roasted Citrus, Ginger and Lemon Myrtle Tea

Roasted Citrus, Ginger and Lemon Myrtle Tea

An intensely spicy citrus kickstart to the day!

– Oranges or lemons, finely sliced, rind on
– 3-5 finely sliced pieces of ginger, skin on
– 1 tsp lemon myrtle tea leaves
– Sprig of mint

– Brew time: 5-10 minutes
– Water temperature: 80-100°C
– Combine your roasted citrus, ginger and lemon myrtle tea with hot water.
– Add a sprig of fresh mint to finish.

To roast the citrus
1. Preheat the oven to 220°C.
2. Lay the finely sliced pieces of citrus on a baking paper-lined oven tray and dry roast for 12-15 minutes until the sugars in the fruit start to caramelise.
3. Remove from oven and allow to cool. These can be stored in an airtight jar to be used later.

– Baking paper prevents the citrus from sticking to the bottom of the oven tray.
– Roasted citrus also makes a delicious and attractive cocktail garnish.
– This tea can be brewed in a large batch and reheated the next day or enjoyed cold.