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Article: Latest Industry News Roundup

Latest Industry News Roundup
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Latest Industry News Roundup

From scientific research to a new skincare range by Rihanna, it’s been a busy couple of months in the world of Australian native products.

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Chef Andrew Fielke champions native ingredients in new book

Food pioneer and chef, Andrew Fielke, has released his new book, Australia’s Creative Native Cuisine. The book builds on the knowledge of Indigenous communities and Andrew’s own work with native food. It includes recipes for everyday home cooks and tips on where to source ingredients like lemon myrtle.
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Four Pillars creates world-first gin with Australian native botanicals

Renowned Aussie gin distillery, Four Pillars, has unveiled their new Olive Leaf gin. Touted as a world first, the savoury gin is made using three types of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf tea, plus native Australian botanicals including lemon myrtle.
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Researchers at La Trobe University study native plants for disease prevention

Australian native ingredients have been used in Indigenous food and medicine for thousands of years and now researchers at La Trobe University are studying whether they could prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.
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Artisan cracker range made with native ingredients makes its way into Coles

Australian cracker company, Tucker’s Natural, have worked with Coles to deliver a new artisan range. The new line features Australian lemon myrtle, which Tucker’s Natural says is more in tune with consumer needs as they seek out products made with locally grown ingredients.
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Rihanna introduces new skincare range with Australian native ingredients

The natural beauty movement is shining a spotlight on native ingredients and now they’ve caught the attention of pop star Rihanna. She’s selected Australian lemon myrtle to feature in her new skin care range, Fenty Skin, which focuses on sustainable and health-conscious ingredients.
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