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Article: Achieving Cost Efficiency with Lemon Myrtle

Achieving Cost Efficiency with Lemon Myrtle
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Achieving Cost Efficiency with Lemon Myrtle

Tea blending is a process of combining creative art with careful science. Many factors are involved in creating a tea blend – aroma, appearance, consistency, volume, steeping time for optimal flavour and not surprisingly, the cost.

Citrus ingredients are a common way to add inspiring top-notes to a tea blend, and there are a number of options to choose from, but one unique Australian native botanical really stands out. With a citral content of 90%, lemon myrtle not only hits those intense lemon top notes, but it also adds a fresh and uplifting character to any tea blend. Our customers speak passionately about our lemon myrtle because of the improved flavour profile and sophistication that this little leaf achieves.

Australian Native Products recently collaborated with Sharyn Johnston - tea connoisseur and CEO of Australian Tea Masters - to establish which commercially available citrus herb could produce the most cost-effective flavour top note. Lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon peel, lemon verbena and lemon myrtle were put head-to-head by Sharyn in an array of tea blends, and the results were conclusive.

With such a high citral content, lemon myrtle was able to deliver powerful citrus notes in a tea blend with only a fraction of the quantity, compared to other citrus alternatives.  In fact, to deliver an equivalent flavour profile, only 10% lemon myrtle was used, compared with the need for 28% lemongrass to achieve a similar flavour. The end result meant a 40% saving in the final blend when switching lemongrass[1] for lemon myrtle

Our blog, available here, explains in more detail the superior citral content of our lemon myrtle and how using this as a top note can increase the sophisticated flavour profile of your blend WHILST costing you less in ingredients.

At Australian Native Products we have always believed that quality is crucial for long term success, which is why we grow the freshest and highest quality lemon myrtle which adds more flavour, for less.

Imagine that . . .  being loved by your customers AND your accountant!

For more information on how our lemon myrtle’s exceptional flavour can help you lower your costs, get in touch with our team here.

[1] Results may vary depending on source of material and quantities purchased.