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Article: Kerry 2023 Nutrition Awards

Kerry 2023 Nutrition Awards
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Kerry 2023 Nutrition Awards

Lemon Myrtle - A key ingredient in the Kerry 2023 taste and nutrition charts

Lemon Myrtle is making its way onto the world stage and we are proud to say that it has come in under a variety of categories in the Kerry 2023 taste and nutrition charts. Today, we want to share with you the great achievements of this remarkable plant and discuss each category in detail. Read on to find out what it is about Lemon Myrtle that made the judges give it a thumbs up in so many categories.

Who is Kerry?

Kerry is a leading provider of taste and nutrition solutions, and its charts are considered the gold standard for food producers. Used by leading chefs, health professionals, and food industry innovators worldwide, the charts provide expert advice on how to create delicious food that is nutritious and safe for consumption.

Kerry's mission: A force for change

Kerry aims to provide sustainable, delicious nutrition to two billion customers by the end of the decade. They recognize that achieving this goal requires collaboration with individuals who prioritize healthy food and the environment. Their objective is to drive positive change in the food and beverage industry by developing products that benefit people and the planet. Kerry intends to work alongside brands to unlock endless possibilities through the efforts of their passionate innovators.

What are the Kerry Taste and Nutrition Charts?

Use the 2023 Kerry Taste and Nutrition charts as a guide to delivering yummy food and drinks that are also healthy. The charts gather insights by monitoring food trends, new products, and ingredient labels; paying attention to what consumers want and social media conversations; conducting their research; and analyzing thousands of global product launches they support.

By collaborating with their insights teams, marketers, chefs, baristas, nutritionists, and other professionals, they can make accurate predictions about upcoming flavor and health ingredient trends.

How to use the 2023 Kerry charts.

The taste and nutrition charts are there to inspire the creation of food and drink products that not only meet consumers' nutritional requirements but also provide exceptional flavor experiences. These charts contain information on the regional and local tastes and preferences of consumers worldwide.

How are the charts categorised?


Including flavour recommendations across: Sweet, Salty Snacks, Savoury, Hot & Dairy-based Beverages and Cold & Water-based Beverages.


Showcasing mainstream to emerging nutritional trends and claims.

Four phases of adoption:

Mainstream: Top 10 flavours/claims over the last 5 years

Key: Next 15 flavours/claims for the last 5 years

Up & Coming: Top 20 fastest growing flavours/claims in the last 3 years.

Emerging: Top 20 fastest growing flavours/claims within the last year.

Some big wins for Lemon Myrtle.

Lemon Myrtle has been included in several Kerry 2023 categories including savoury/up and coming, water and cold beverage/emerging, dairy and hot beverage emerging, salty snacks/up and coming, sweet/up and coming. It also made it in the nutrition category as a natural flavour enhancer or food ingredient under natural, organic, healthy mood support, microbiome, plant-based prebiotic anti ageing, well aging calm sleep antioxidant, and antiinflammatory sections.

The inclusion of Lemon Myrtle in these categories demonstrates its versatility as an ingredient that can be used to create delicious food that is packed with nutrition. Lemon Myrtle has long been appreciated for its flavour and aroma, but now it can also be used as an alternative to traditional ingredients in a huge variety of dishes. It can be incorporated into savoury dishes or sweet treats, as well as added to drinks for a unique twist. This inclusion in the Kerry 2023 charts is an incredible milestone for Lemon Myrtle and recognition of its potential as a healthy and tasty ingredient.

Working together with key industry leaders like Kerry, we are dedicated to promoting the use of Lemon Myrtle in food production and continuing to find new ways to incorporate it into our diets. We hope that this inclusion will encourage more people to explore the potential of Lemon Myrtle as an ingredient - from professional chefs to home cooks.

What makes Lemon Myrtle so special?

Lemon Myrtle is an incredibly versatile flavour enhancer and ideal ingredient for a range of culinary applications. The natural aroma and intense citrus flavours of lemon myrtle can be used to bring out the best in dishes ranging from desserts to main courses.

As an incredibly versatile flavour enhancer and food ingredient for a range of culinary applications, Lemon Myrtle is sure to become a mainstay in many kitchens around the world as more people discover its potential. Chefs around the world are using Lemon Myrtle when they are wanting to put a unique twist on classic recipes, using it as an alternative to traditional ingredients. Its versatility makes it easy to include in a variety of dishes - from savory mains and sides to sweet treats and beverages

For chefs looking for additional inspiration on how to incorporate this unique ingredient into their recipes – there are endless possibilities. From adding a zesty kick to salads to enhancing desserts with sweet floral aromas – Lemon Myrtle could be your secret ingredient for creating unforgettable dishes.

The categories Lemon Myrtle has been voted as a star player

Water and Cold Beverage

The four criteria for this category were Mainstream (top 10 flavours for the past 5 years), Up and coming (20 fastest growing flavours for the past 3 years), Key (next 15 flavours for the past 5 years) and Emerging - The top 20 fastest growing flavours last year, in which Lemon Myrtle made it on the list.


Once again the same categories lemon myrtle made it onto the Up and Coming List - the 20 fastest growing flavours for the past 3 years.

Salty Snacks

Likewise in this category, it was listed in the Up and Coming category - the 20 fastest-growing flavours for the past 5 years.


Once again it made it to the Up and Coming category for sweet.

Dairy & Hot beverage

For this category, Lemon Myrtle was listed in the emerging category, as one of the top 20 fastest-growing flavours last year.


This was a category in which Lemon Myrtle shone, being featured in all four subcategories of this:

Mainstream: falling under natural and organic

Up and coming: Healthy mood support and Micobiome

Key: Plant-based and Prebiotic

Emerging: Anti-aging/aging Well, Calm, Sleep, Antioxidant, and Anti-inflammatory.


Lemon Myrtle has long been appreciated for its flavour and aroma, but its inclusion in the 2023 Kerry Taste and Nutrition Charts has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. It is now available to be used as an alternative to traditional ingredients, allowing food professionals and home cooks alike to create inventive dishes that provide exceptional flavor experiences. With Lemon Myrtle being featured across all taste categories from sweet and savory snacks to dairy-based beverages, it is sure to become a mainstay in many kitchens – with endless possibilities for creating unforgettable dishes.


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