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Article: Discovering the Wonders of Lemon Myrtle: The New Citrus Campaign

Discovering the Wonders of Lemon Myrtle: The New Citrus Campaign
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Discovering the Wonders of Lemon Myrtle: The New Citrus Campaign

In the bustling world of flavor and fragrance innovation, Australian Native Products has been hard at work, crafting a narrative not just about our ingredient, but about a movement. The campaign named "The New Citrus" is not merely an advertising idea but a heartfelt invitation to the world to discover the vibrant essence of Lemon Myrtle. This endeavor was nothing short of a creative symphony, orchestrated with some of the finest talent across the country, all united by a shared passion for spotlighting Lemon Myrtle on the global stage.

A Symphony of Creativity and Passion

The "The New Citrus" campaign, realized by the visionary minds at Rasic and Partners, is a testament to the power of collaborative genius. Bringing this vision to life was award-winning Photographer/Director Michael Corridore and Director of Photography Hugh Miller, with the radiant Emma Macgowan of Chic Model agency capturing the essence of Lemon Myrtle against the historic beauty of Elizabeth Bay House.

Lemon Myrtle, or Backhousia citriodora, is not just another botanical ingredient. It's a symbol of purity, versatility, and relatively untapped potential globally. With a citral content as high as 98 per cent , Lemon Myrtle stands out not just for its aromatic citrus notes but also for its adaptability across a myriad of applications - from culinary arts to aromatic therapies.

The Vision Behind "The New Citrus"

Lemon Myrtle is a cherished ingredient within Australia, known for its distinctive taste and fragrance. The goal? To transform this national treasure into a household name worldwide. This campaign marks the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey towards global recognition.

Tristian Kelly, Head of Brand, emphasizes the campaign's role in showcasing Lemon Myrtle's versatility and the creative prowess of Australia. It's designed to challenge and inspire, offering a fresh perspective on traditional citrus ingredients and paving the way for innovative product development.

A Celebration of Australian Creativity

This campaign is more than just an ad; it's a showcase of exceptional homegrown talent. From the strategic direction provided by Australian Native Products' Executive Director Hui Li and Head of Brand Tristian Kelly, to the creative execution by Dejan and Vanessa Rasic and the team at Rasic and Partners, every element of "The New Citrus" embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence.

The production, enriched with the original music ‘Dreams’ by Joshua Joshua, and brought to life through the meticulous post-production work by White Chocolate and EADIE Retouching, is a vibrant celebration of Lemon Myrtle. Styled by Danielle Soglimbene and captured through the lenses of Michael Corridore and Hugh Miller, each frame tells a story of heritage, purity, and the future of flavors.

The Ripple Effect of "The New Citrus"

Australian Native Products stands at the forefront of a movement set to revolutionize how we perceive taste and aroma. "The New Citrus" campaign is a call to chefs, creators, and consumers worldwide to rethink the possibilities of what they have traditionally thought of as citrus. With Lemon Myrtle, we're not just introducing a new ingredient; we're opening doors to a world of untapped potential.

We invite you to join us on this flavorful voyage as we explore the wonders of Lemon Myrtle. Together, we can reimagine the boundaries of taste and aroma, setting the stage for a future where Lemon Myrtle is not just known but loved globally.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to spread the word about the new citrus, and remember, the best flavors are those shared with the world.