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Article: Discover the Buzz: Non Alcoholic Drinks with a Twist

Discover the Buzz: Non Alcoholic Drinks with a Twist

Discover the Buzz: Non Alcoholic Drinks with a Twist

Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz are transforming the beverage landscape.

Gone are the days when abstaining from alcohol meant missing out on an exciting sensory experience. For those who don't like to feel drunk but still want to feel relaxed, there are alcohol alternatives that offer energizing effects without the hangover.

These innovative beverages offer all the complexity and satisfaction of their boozy counterparts, minus the hangover.

The world of non alcoholic drinks that make you feel good is vast and intriguing, ready to be explored by those seeking something different in their glass or those seeking to produce alcohol-free drinks. 

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Table of Contents:

What is a non-alcoholic drink?

A non-alcoholic beverage, also known as an alcohol-free or zero-proof drink, contains no ethanol. These drinks offer complex flavours and satisfying profiles that rival their alcoholic counterparts. For those who don't want to feel drunk or drink alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks are the way to go. It's great to know that you can now find non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz.

The popularity of beverages when you don't want to drink alcohol but still want to feel good has surged recently with innovative concoctions being developed not just for those who don't drink but also for individuals seeking healthier alternatives without sacrificing taste. This includes sparkling waters infused with botanicals, fermented teas like kombucha, and sophisticated mocktails crafted from functional herbs and spices.

Differentiating Non-Alcoholic Drinks

In the world of beverages, it's crucial to understand the difference between 'alcohol-free' and 'non-alcoholic'. Both terms suggest the absence of alcohol content; however, they carry different legal definitions in many countries, including Australia. An 'alcohol-free' beverage must have absolutely no alcohol content, while a 'non-alcoholic' product can legally contain up to 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

This small amount doesn't induce feelings associated with drinking higher quality alcohols, such as feeling drunk, yet adds depth to your glass, making it a healthier choice compared to traditional options like beer or wine.

The Evolution towards Quality Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Gone are the days when choosing not to drink meant settling for bland soda, thanks largely to advancements in brewing technology which enable manufacturers to produce high-quality beers sans alcohol, wines & spirits, delivering nuanced flavour profiles akin to their boozy brethren using mood enhancers such as tea extract instead. Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz are totally possible.

  • Lemon Myrtle - A Game Changer In The Beverage Industry

Citrusy Lemon Myrtle - one among the numerous Australian Botanicals used widely today - offers energizing effects while promoting alpha brainwaves, similar to how curiously delicious elixirs do. Its cost-effective ingredient distillation process requires only a little bit to get the same effect as other citrus products, thereby reducing overall production costs significantly while providing consumers with a refreshing bitter bite to fight fatigue and any negative effects commonly associated with regular consumption of conventional alcohols.

Key Takeaway: 


Non-alcoholic drinks, offering complex flavours and health benefits, are gaining popularity. They're a notch above 'alcohol-free' beverages with up to 0.5% ABV adding depth sans the hangover. With advancements in brewing technology and ingredients like Lemon Myrtle boosting mood without breaking the bank, it's no longer about settling for bland alternatives.

Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The rise in health-conscious choices has seen a surge in the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages. These functional drinks offer an enjoyable flavour and experience akin to their alcohol-infused counterparts, minus the negative effects often linked with drinking alcohol.

Non Alcoholic Buzz Drinks

'Buzz' drinks are garnering attention for their ability to provide mood-enhancing benefits without compromising sleep quality or causing hangovers. Key ingredients like green tea, lemon balm, and hemp extract stimulate alpha brainwaves that aid relaxation and combat fatigue. Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz really are the new buzz.

In addition to these energising effects, many 'buzz' drink options also incorporate unique flavours designed not just to mimic higher-quality alcohol-free beers but also introduce distinctive twists that make them stand out as individual offerings within the growing sector of non-alcoholic beverages.

Promoting Healthy Choices & Sustainability

Beyond offering feel-good alternatives for those seeking to cut down on or completely avoid their intake of alcohol, these functional drinks align closely with sustainable farming practices too. For instance, botanicals used in non-alcohol spirits and wines often come from farms committed towards preserving biodiversity while enhancing soil health - promoting both personal well-being and environmental sustainability.

This commitment extends beyond merely sourcing ingredients; several companies actively work towards minimizing waste during production processes as well - making choosing such products beneficial not only personally but environmentally too. It's a double win situation - good for you whilst being kinder on our planet.

Discover the Buzz: Non-Alcoholic Drinks with a Twist

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Explore the world of buzz-giving non-alcoholic drinks.

1. The Rise of Alcohol-Free Beers

In recent years, higher quality alcohol-free beers have become increasingly prominent in the market. These beverages are brewed similarly to regular beer but undergo processes that remove or significantly decrease their alcohol content (to less than 0.5%). This allows them to retain the familiar bitter bite without the negative effects often linked with drinking alcohol. So when it comes to beer, this too can be put into the non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz now.

2. Functional Drinks

Functional drinks infused with green tea and lemon myrtle among other botanicals can promote alpha brainwaves akin to feeling relaxed yet alert - feelings usually related to consuming alcoholic drinks.


Key Takeaway: 


Get a kick without the grog. Alcohol-free beers, Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz offer buzz sans hangover. Mix up your own blends or go for natural ready-made options - just remember to keep it balanced.

Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The health benefits associated with non-alcoholic drinks are plentiful and diverse. These functional beverages not only offer a satisfying flavour, but they also provide a range of health benefits.

Promote Better Sleep Quality

A well-known fact about alcohol is its ability to disrupt sleep quality. However, many non-alcoholic alternatives incorporate calming botanicals such as lemon balm and lemon myrtle, which help promote restful sleep. Learn more.

Better Digestive Health

Lemon Myrtle infused drinks are examples of these beneficial drinks that support digestive health, thanks to their high citral content - a staple ingredient known for its soothing properties on the stomach.

Tips for Enjoying Non-alcoholic Beverages

Venturing into the realm of alcohol-free beverages can be a thrilling experience, particularly when you understand how to take advantage of these functional drinks. Here are some key tips that will elevate your experience.

1. Prioritise Quality Ingredients

The foundation of any great drink is its ingredients, and this principle applies just as much to non-alcoholic alternative. The quality and freshness play a significant role in determining the final taste profile.

In addition, consider incorporating mood enhancers such as green tea or lemon myrtle into your concoctions - they not only add unique flavours but also offer health benefits including promoting alpha brainwaves and fighting fatigue.

2. Understand Botanicals' Role

A growing trend within both alcoholic drinks and alcohol-free counterparts is using botanicals for their satisfying flavour profiles while avoiding negative effects associated with drinking alcohol. For instance, Lemon Myrtle has been gaining popularity due to its calming yet uplifting properties which makes it perfect for those who don't drink but still want energising effects at social events without disrupting sleep quality later on.

3. Explore Unique Flavours Instead Of Replicating Traditional Cocktails

  1. Rather than trying to replicate traditional cocktails exactly sans alcohol, embrace different tastes from novel ingredients like hemp extract and Anise Myrtle. This approach allows you to appreciate each beverage's distinct character instead of comparing it directly against higher quality alcohol-free beers or other familiar spirits. Experimentation is key here.

Botanical ingredients used in non-alcoholic drinks

The surge of interest in alcohol-free drinks has seen a growing use of botanicals to enhance flavour and offer health benefits. These natural components bring unique tastes, making the drink more attractive for those who don't drink.

Lemon Myrtle

A standout choice is Lemon Myrtle, an Australian native plant recognised for its citrusy aroma and taste. It's frequently employed in functional drinks due to its mood-enhancing properties that make you feel good without having to resort to drinking alcohol.

Anise Myrtle

Anise Myrtle also deserves mention; it introduces a liquorice-like flavour that pairs well with many beverage profiles. Its antioxidant-rich composition can fight fatigue while promoting alpha brainwaves, contributing positively towards overall wellness without the negative effects associated with higher quality alcohols.


Riberry adds another dimension by introducing tartness coupled with hints of spice into beverages like ginger beer or even satisfying flavors found within higher quality alcohol-free beers. This complexity makes Riberry ideal when crafting intricate flavors which do not disrupt sleep quality but rather induce relaxation similar to curious elixirs made from other functional herbs.

Why lemon myrtle is a great botanical ingredient in non-alcoholic beverages

Lemon Myrtle, or Backhousia citriodora as it's known scientifically, has been an integral part of Indigenous Australian culture for centuries. Today, this native plant with its refreshing citrus flavour and aroma is making waves in the food and beverage industry.

The unique taste profile of Lemon Myrtle makes it perfect for enhancing non-alcoholic drinks. Its robust lemon scent combined with undertones of eucalyptus delivers a satisfying flavor that can transform any drink into something special.

Versatility at its Best: The Many Forms of Lemon Myrtle

Whether fresh or dried, Lemon Myrtle offers versatility like no other botanical. It comes available in various forms including essential oils, hydrosol powder, and microfibre which enables manufacturers to seamlessly integrate it into their production processes without causing disruption.

Besides being versatile itself, this wonderful herb pairs beautifully with other ingredients commonly found in functional drinks such as green tea and ginger beer - adding not only to the overall taste but also potentially increasing these beverages' health benefits.

Sustainability Matters: Ethical Sourcing Practices are Key

In addition to its culinary appeal, sourcing sustainably farmed Lemon Myrtles adds another dimension attracting conscious consumers who place value on ethical practices within industries they support. At ANP, we take pride in our commitment towards farming methods that respect nature while ensuring high-quality yields. 

  • Citrusy Punch:
    • Lemon myrtle's strong yet subtle flavours elevate any drink,
    • Making them ideal additions even for higher quality alcohol-free beers,
    • A little goes a long way, offering cost-effectiveness when compared against traditional citrus products used in the distillation, brewing, and wine-making process.

Discover the Buzz: Non Alcoholic Drinks with a Twist

How lemon myrtle enhances your experience sans hangover.

Unlocking Relaxation with Lemon Myrtle

The indigenous plant of Australia, Backhousia citriodora or commonly known as Lemon Myrtle, has been a part of the local culture for centuries. Its distinct citrusy aroma and therapeutic properties have found their way into modern non-alcoholic drinks.

Lemon myrtle's secret to inducing relaxation lies in its high concentration of 'citral', a compound that promotes alpha brainwaves associated with deep relaxation and mental clarity.

Citral - The Mood Enhancer

Studies indicate that citral can act as a mood enhancer providing feelings similar to those experienced when drinking alcohol. This makes it an excellent ingredient for creating satisfying flavour profiles in non-alcoholic drinks without disrupting sleep quality or cognitive function.

In addition to this, lemon myrtle also contains functional herbs like lutein and zeaxanthin which further contribute towards its energising effects; thus making it perfect for higher quality alcohol-free beers or even curious elixirs.

Fight Fatigue With Lemon Myrtle

Beyond just inducing relaxation, lemon myrtle is also effective against fatigue. The refreshing taste coupled with these beneficial compounds creates feel-good beverages that not only taste great but boost energy levels naturally - much like what you'd expect from ginger beer. So why not drink something healthier and with far less need for sugar?

This highlights how incorporating ingredients such as lemon myrtle into your drink recipes offer more than just flavour enhancement; they provide tangible health benefits while still delivering that sought-after buzz from alcoholic drinks without any actual alcohol involved.

Why Lemon Myrtle is a cost-effective ingredient in distillation, brewing, and winemaking

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In the bustling world of non-alcoholic drinks production, one Australian botanical has been standing out from the crowd: lemon myrtle. But it's not just its unique flavour profile or health benefits that are turning heads - this native plant also offers significant cost efficiencies for manufacturers.

Cultivation Advantages of Lemon Myrtle

Beyond its potent citral levels, there's another factor contributing to lemon myrtle's economic viability: ease of cultivation. 

  1. Sustainable growth reduces impact on the environment and saves costs long-term.
  2. Ease of cultivation leads to higher yields with less resource input compared to other citrus plants.
  3. The robust nature allows year-round harvesting, providing consistent supply chain stability which further cuts down operational expenses.

Leveraging Versatility in Flavouring Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The distinctive yet adaptable taste profile offered by lemon myrtle makes it ideal for various drink applications - be they refreshing alcohol-free cocktails or functional drinks spiked with mood enhancers such as green tea or hemp extract. Its compatibility with diverse flavours eliminates the necessity for additional costly ingredients, thus trimming manufacturing expenditures even more significantly.

We've found through research and practice that using these uniquely Australian botanicals doesn't just add exciting new dimensions to non-alcoholic beverages but also provides viable financial advantages within beverage production sectors.

10. The role of citral in non-alcoholic drinks

Citral, a compound that is found in abundance within lemon myrtle and other citrus fruits, is instrumental in the production of alcohol-free beverages.

The Scent Profile Brought by Citral

This unique component offers an intense aroma similar to lemons. This scent adds complexity to the flavour profile of functional drinks, providing a satisfying flavour experience for consumers while also enhancing their sensory encounter through smell. Citral helps enhance the effects of non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz.

Citral: More Than Just Aroma And Flavour

Apart from contributing to taste and fragrance, citrals like those extracted from Lemon Myrtle are associated with several health benefits. For instance, they have antimicrobial properties which aid gut health. Research suggests it could even promote alpha brainwaves leading to mood enhancements akin to drinking alcohol but without disrupting sleep quality or posing addiction risks.

Lemon Myrtle - An Excellent Source Of Citral

In creating high-quality alcohol-free beers as well as energising effects yielding functional drinks, botanical sources rich in citral such as Lemon Myrtle are extensively utilised. 

FAQs in Relation to Non alcoholic Drinks That Give You a Buzz

Are there non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz?

Non-alcoholic beverages like Kombucha, certain herbal teas, and caffeine-based drinks can provide a quick energy boost or 'buzz' without the alcohol.

What is an alternative to alcohol for anxiety?

Lemon myrtle tea and other botanical-infused non-alcoholic beverages can help induce relaxation and ease anxiety without the negative effects of alcohol.

What herbs feel like alcohol?

Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz, contain certain herbs such as kava, damiana, passionflower, and lemon balm, known to produce calming effects similar to those experienced with moderate alcohol consumption.

How do you get a buzz from less alcohol?

For Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz, you can switch to low-alcohol or no-alcohol alternatives infused with botanicals that naturally stimulate your senses. These include kombucha, herbal teas, or specialty coffees.


So, you've journeyed through the world of non-alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz. 

You now know what these beverages are and their myriad benefits.

We delved into various types - from botanical spirits to wines, each with its unique charm.

And remember those health perks? A guilt-free indulgence!

Tips for enjoying these bevvies were shared too. Savouring them is an art in itself.

The role of Australian Botanicals was explored, adding depth to our understanding of these drinks.

Lemon Myrtle emerged as a star ingredient - inducing relaxation while being cost-effective. 

Citral's importance in lending flavour and aroma can't be overlooked either.

In essence, this exploration has shown us how we can enjoy the buzz without compromising on taste or wellbeing. Cheers to that!