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Article: Australian Snacks

Australian Snacks

Australian Snacks

Just when you thought you knew Australian snacks, there are new players in town. Move over Tim Tams, fairy bread, and meat pies, there are new delights from down under that offer a unique culinary experience definitely worth a try. From traditional bush food to plant-based superfoods, the range of snacks is vast and exciting. In today's blog we will discuss contemporary Australian snacks, and in particular the rise of Australian Native foods such as Lemon Myrtle.

Table of Contents:

The Rise of Australian Bush Food in Global Cuisine

When you think about cuisine from Australia, what do you think of?

Perhaps meat pies or Tim Tams. Well there's a new player on the scene - bush food like lemon myrtle is making waves internationally. This native plant isn't just for show; it's becoming an essential ingredient in global cuisine.

 Lemon myrtle, with its unique citrusy flavor and aroma, has been embraced by chefs worldwide. Bush foods are not only enhancing dishes but also adding nutritional value due to their rich antioxidant properties.

 From fine dining restaurants in Paris to street-food stalls in Bangkok, these indigenous ingredients are popping up everywhere.

 The popularity surge of these uniquely Australian flavors signifies how global cuisine continues evolving through culinary exchange. With this trend showing no signs of slowing down, we can expect more exciting innovations featuring bush foods at our dinner tables soon.

 So when you're thinking about international cuisines, don't forget Australia.

Keep reading as we dive into the rise of plant-based options Down Under.

Plant-Based Options Surge in Australia

The land down under is seeing a significant shift towards plant-based diets.

A staggering 57% of Australians report feeling healthier on a mostly plant-based diet, according to Euromonitor International's Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutrition Surveys. This trend isn't just influencing dinner plates; it's reshaping snacking habits too.

Introducing High Protein Cookies

In response to this health wave, manufacturers are offering smarter snacking choices that cater to these new dietary preferences.

 Enter high protein cookies - an innovative blend of indulgence and nutrition conveniently packaged into one super snack. What's more Lemon Myrtle makes a great addition to baked goods, especially cookies.

The Aussie Version - A Healthy Twist

Taking inspiration from traditional Australian food favorites like meat pies or Tim Tams, these snacks offer all the taste with added nutritional benefits.


Classic Australian Snacks Reimagined

Australian cuisine is evolving, and so are its snacks.

Gone are the days when sugary, and high-carb foods were consumed without a second thought about their nutritional value.

 Today's health-conscious Aussies demand better-for-you versions of these traditional favorites that don't compromise on taste.

An Unlikely Hero:  Potato Chips - A Healthy Twist

Innovation in the snack industry has given rise to healthier options like lemon myrtle infused potato chips, a reinvention that retains iconic flavor while packing in more nutrients than your average chip.

 With this shift towards healthier alternatives gaining momentum, the next section will delve into Australia's love for sweet treats and explore how they too have been reimagined with wellness in mind.

Indulging in Australian Sweet Treats

Australia's love for sweet treats is legendary. Caramello Koalas, a delightful chocolate and caramel combination, are an Aussie favorite that can't be missed. The joy of biting into this deliciously gooey treat is part of the quintessential Australian food experience.

The Iconic Sponge Cake - An Aussie Favorite

Moving on to another classic: sponge cake with coconut filling.

This iconic dessert boasts a rich texture and sweetness that Aussies adore.

Baked to perfection, filled with creamy coconut goodness, it's truly an indulgence worth savoring.

Ice Cream - The Ultimate Indulgence

No discussion about Australian desserts would be complete without mentioning ice cream topped with whipped cream and shredded coconut.

An absolute delight during Australia's hot summers or simply as a treat after dinner. It perfectly captures the essence of fun-loving Australian cuisine.

 To keep in line with health-conscious consumers, these Aussie delicacies have been transformed to include treats like dark chocolate and lemon myrtle, cheesecake with lemon myrtle, and lemon myrtle flavoured ice cream. Who said Australian snacks have to be unhealthy?!

Savory Delights from Down Under

When it comes to savory edibles from Australia, the range of flavors is as expansive as the land itself.

 Aussie cuisine showcases a delightful mix of traditional dishes and global influences, making it truly unique.

From Traditional Favorites to Super Snacks

The Australian snack industry has come a long way.

Gone are the days when traditional yet unhealthy favorites from the local corner store were the only options on offer. Studies show that today's Aussie version of snacking is all about balance - indulgence paired with health-conscious choices.

A New Era in Snacking: The Rise of Super Snacks

In response to modern dietary trends, manufacturers have been introducing Australian botanials, and conveniently packaged super snacks into their product lines. This shift towards offering smarter snacking choices caters not just to Australians' taste buds but also their wellness goals.

Balancing Indulgence with Healthier Choices

No longer does one need to choose between flavor or nutrition; it's now possible for Aussies (and indeed global consumers) to enjoy both simultaneously. Brands are creating healthier versions without compromising on taste. This evolution represents an exciting new chapter in Australian cuisine where tradition meets innovation.


From the bush to the bakery, Australian snacks are a culinary journey like no other. Lemon myrtle and Anise Myrtle have become international superstars, adding unique flavors to dishes around the globe. The plant-based revolution has reached Down Under too, with healthy and nutritious snacks becoming a favorite among health-conscious Aussies. Sweet or savory, traditional or contemporary - there's an Aussie snack for every palate. Australian cuisine is evolving while staying true to its roots - it's all about balance between indulgence and health.

 For more information, send us an email, to find out how Lemon Myrtle can infuse your product with the flavour of Australia.


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