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Article: ANP Achieves Groundbreaking UEBT-RA Ingredient Certification

ANP Achieves Groundbreaking UEBT-RA Ingredient Certification
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ANP Achieves Groundbreaking UEBT-RA Ingredient Certification

In a significant stride towards sustainable and ethical sourcing, Australian Native Products (ANP) has recently been awarded the coveted UEBT-RA ingredient certification, becoming the first and only company in Australia to attain this distinction. This achievement is not just a testament to years of dedication but also positions ANP at the forefront of promoting biodiversity and ethical practices in the industry.

The Union of Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) is a non-profit that champions the cause of sourcing with respect – ensuring that the procurement of ingredients from biodiversity is done in a way that promotes regeneration of nature and secures a brighter future for people involved. Similarly, the Rainforest Alliance (RA) works tirelessly to make the world more sustainable by employing social and market forces to conserve nature while enhancing the lives of farmers and communities.

The UEBT-RA ingredient certification is a unique blend of standards pooling decades of experience from both UEBT and the Rainforest Alliance. This particular certification, focusing on teas, herbs, and spices, is based primarily on the UEBT standard, accentuated by selected requirements from the Rainforest Alliance standard. It encompasses a comprehensive approach including conducting internal UEBT assessments, undertaking risk assessments to manage impacts on biodiversity, climate change, and community ethics, ensuring a robust traceability system, adhering to Access and Benefit Sharing assessment guidelines, inspecting and assessing all supply chains, and meeting the Rainforest Alliance Supply Chain Requirements.

Achieving this certification underscores ANP’s unwavering commitment to biodiversity, community welfare, and the production of quality products sustainably. Furthermore, it offers ANP global market recognition, as the UEBT-RA verification and certification are globally recognized. This ensures that customers can confidently choose brands, products, and ingredients that contribute to a world where both people and biodiversity flourish.

This certification marks just the beginning of ANP’s commitment to fostering biodiversity and sustainability. Over the coming years, ANP has pledged to implement various strategies that further this cause, signaling a new paradigm in how ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably. In doing so, ANP not only sets a benchmark for others to follow but also contributes significantly to a more sustainable and equitable world.