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Article: A Very Lemon Myrtle Christmas

A Very Lemon Myrtle Christmas

A Very Lemon Myrtle Christmas

More Australians can enjoy the delicious native lemony flavours of Australian lemon myrtle this Christmas thanks to Australian Native Products’ collaboration with Woolworths on its new native Christmas range.

Exclusive to Woolworths, the Christmas Gold range is made entirely in Australia and includes 23 new bakery, fresh meat, savoury sides and sweet treat products.

Australian Native Products’ lemon myrtle, which is grown on our farms in The Channon, in northern NSW, and Mareeba, in Far North Queensland, features in the Gold lemon myrtle meringues. The range also features other Australian native ingredients including ‘Gin Infused Pear and Riberry Fruit Mince Tarts’ and ‘Dark Chocolate and Davidson Plum Pudding’.

“Australian Native Products is delighted our lemon myrtle is part of this exciting new range from Woolworths,” said ANP General Manager, Ross Norris.

“We pride ourselves on growing and harvesting the finest lemon myrtle in the world, and as more and more Aussies expand their palates and try more native ingredients, we’re thrilled they will be tasting our real, all-natural lemon myrtle in these meringues.
“We hope that as food trends continue to embrace Australia’s flavours, more food manufacturers will look to incorporate them into their new product offerings,” he said.

As a dried leaf, powder, or distilled oil, lemon myrtle is a versatile ingredient that can be used across a range of food and beverage products such as herbal teas, distilled spirits and seltzers, and sweet and savoury baking and spice rubs.
Australian Native Products’ lemon myrtle is 100% Australian grown using sustainable farming practices, and harvested and packaged using cutting edge technology that ensures the lemon myrtle is as fresh, fragrant, and flavourful to the customer as it was on the trees.

If you would like to sample our lemon myrtle for your products, please get in touch with our team at