10 Foods to Try with Lemon Myrtle

As Australian native ingredients become more familiar to Australian palettes, an increasing number of food producers are looking to embrace the use of native flavours in their product offerings.

More lemony than lemon, herbaceous and sweet, lemon myrtle can be used in both sweet and savoury cooking as the hero flavour of a dish, or in the same way that you would use a bay leaf to add vibrant depth of flavour. 

Here are 10 of our favourite foods from innovative Australian food producers that feature lemon myrtle. 

  1. Olive Oil 

Infusing oil with lemon myrtle can add a citrusy kick to your cooking. Oz Tukka, a brand dedicated to celebrating Indigenous culture and native Australian ingredients, has infused its Rainforest Macadamia Oil with ginger and lemon myrtle, perfect for chicken and fish dishes or to drizzle over roast vegetables for a richer, fuller citrus flavour.

  1. Desserts

The Australian Super Food Co. is committed to making native flavours more accessible. For its Baked Finger Lime and Lemon Myrtle Citrus Tart, the team has traded your conventional lemon and lime for vibrant native ingredients, with the lemon myrtle evoking a refreshing and more evolved citrus taste.


  1. Biscuits

Specialising in high-quality biscuits, sweets and baked goods, Divine Foods Australia is in the process of launching a new Lemon Myrtle Melting Moment, giving the Aussie classic a bushfood twist.

  1. Dressings

With a focus on bringing native flavours to the forefront of Australian cuisine, Outback Spirit has developed a range of dressings and marinades like its Lemon Myrtle Dressing, offering a convenient way to add a zesty citrus tang to salads, fish or meats.

  1. Curry

My Souk Drawer uses lemon myrtle in its Jalfrezi spice blend, adding a zesty tang that’s perfect as a base for chicken or vegetable curries.

  1. Sauce

My Dilly Bag is an Indigenous-owned business that offers cooking classes, educational workshops and food products. They have created a Lemon Myrtle and Coconut Sauce which can be used as a spread or dip, or to add an extra depth of flavour to soups, casseroles and curries.

  1. Ice Cream

Queensland-based ice cream company Weis prides itself on creating unique taste experiences that hero native Australian ingredients. For a refreshing snack on a hot Aussie summer day, you can’t beat its Lemon, Coconut and Lemon Myrtle Ice Cream Bar

  1. Spice Rubs

For a natural, hand-crafted spice rub try Daintree Spice Co.’s Lemon Myrtle Salt & Pepper Mix. The intense flavour profile of lemon myrtle makes this blend the perfect addition to spice rubs and marinades for meat, fish and vegetables, adding bold herbaceous lemon notes to your meal.

  1. Chocolate

Melbourne Bushfood aims to bring native flavours to the forefront of Australian pantries, creating unique products from ethically and sustainably sourced native ingredients. In its 71% Lemon Myrtle Dark Chocolate, lemon myrtle powder gives a native twist and sharp citrus finish.

  1. Syrups

Whether it’s to add a refreshing burst to a classic cocktail or spritzer, or to enhance a dessert with a zesty tang, Outback Chef’s Lemon Myrtle & Orange Syrup is a great substitute for your traditional lemon syrup for a more nuanced flavour profile.